Work began on the Meridian Series of outdoor sculptures in 1995, and it was concluded in 2011: ten works, thematically connected, all holding me to task for a decade and a half. I
was gratified and relieved when the series was over, firm in the knowledge that I was through with it.

You know where I'm going: it wasn't long till it set in that the
series was not through with me.

I was not alone in what I was facing; historically, musicians
make use of a CODA, when a major theme is in need of an "independent passage at the end of a composition [that is]
introduced to bring it to a satisfactory close."*

Shown here are three views of the maquette for MERIDIAN
CODA. And with that title, I defer --O' so graciously-- to the venerable Count Basie with his words . . . "one-more-time."


*Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, 2001,
Page 397.